What is Somatic Release Breathwork?


A powerful HEALING modality, SRBW uses simple breathing techniques in order to help the breath sweep away trauma that is stored inside the body. 

As a trained facilitator under the study of Steven Jaggers, the founder of SRBW, I was inspired by the evidence-based findings seen in my clients that were backed by wonderful JOURNAL ARTICLES on Somatic Release. 

Clients would state that they felt more open, more connected, and physical relief after a breathwork session. 
The process involves lying flat on a yoga mat or blanket, breathing deeply, and following my instructions during breath holds. The session will take 1.5-2 hours, but you will be breathing deeply for approximately 1-hour. It is best to practice this modality not on a full stomach, but you can eat whatever you want afterwards. Crying, yelling, screaming, or any emotions that come up during the practice is allowed and encouraged. This is a safe place to feel your emotions that have been blocked. Drink plenty of water, and allow yourself rest afterwards.

About Marilyn:

With her background in nursing, Marilyn facilitates Somatic Breathwork with a special knowledge in health and body chemistry. She integrates her medical knowledge with the art of energy healing in Therapeutic Touch, to create a safe space for her clients to discharge and heal.


"I don't know how. I can't explain it. But, my revelations and experience in the class has made a long lasting impact in my relationship with food. I have had such a poor relationship with food in my life, using it as a crutch for emotional fulfillment, love unrequited, and at the same time self harm and punishment. After the experience I no longer have food cravings, binge eat, self-harm by allowing one treat to turn into a dozen, worry about having a cheat meal, desire garbage food..."-Steve

"Marilyn facilitated the most beautiful Somatic Release Breathwork for me. In deep gratitude for her and this work." -Sarah W.

"Thank you Marilyn for providing the safe space I needed to start my healing journey! This was such an incredible experience and I can't wait to do it with you again!"-Traci

"I liked the breathwork. My body is very resistant to letting stuff go and I felt something go." Farzhad