Women's Circle (free)

McGee Park, Concord

You are not meant to do it alone. As women, we are meant to gather and share with one another. Not only share the burden that women undoubtedly have to carry through this world, but also the joy of life. When we do this together, it feels less like a burden. When we gather and talk, we feel relieved that we are not alone. Please join me for our Women's circle, where we will discuss and share with one another.

This month's theme is Feminine Power. We will be sharing readings and stories about what Feminine Power is to each of us, what it means to hold it, how we can hold it responsibly, and how we can apply it to our lives to better our relationships with the people we care about. If you have any books, stories, or poems related to this, or anything else you wish to share, please bring it.

This is a free event, but donations welcome.

We will be meeting at the park shelter at McGhee Park in Concord on Corban Ave.

See you there!