The Completion Process

The Completion Process is a dynamic guided meditation that involves going deep into your memory to retrieve the long-lost parts that have been forgotten in your past. This happens due to trauma, usually in childhood. It involves going deep into your emotions. I will be the one facilitating, but you have full control the whole time. The process can yield great awareness for the client. Once the fragments have been returned to the receiver's consciousness, great healing occurs. Please only undergo this process if you are serious about wanting to heal, and willing to make changes in your life to compensate for the re-unification of your personal truth. This is very powerful and has changed many lives for the better. To find out more, please visit


How to sign up:

1. Contact me through email to book a 15-minute consultation

2. Sign-up and reserve a spot. $100 investment for a session, Savings Bundle $400 for 5 sessions.

3. Partake in the Completion Process, either in person or virtually. Zoom app may be required.