Somatic Release Breathwork (Saturday, Jan. 27th)

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)


Welcome to the wonderful world of Somatic Release Breathwork! What you need to know: ~SRBW helps to release stored emotions and memory in the body. ~You will need to lie down in a comfortable place, undisturbed, and dedicate 1-1.5 hours of being present with yourself. ~During the breathwork eyes closed, no talking to others, but feel free to talk to yourself, cry, scream, yell, laugh as much as you want. This is an internal journey by you, facilitated by me. The sounds and emotions being made by you may help others feel comfortable releasing as well, so if you are called to make sound, please do so. This is about letting go, not holding in. ~I will be present the whole time and need to be able to see you on camera to ensure your breathing technique is good and give encouragement/validation. You can mute yourself if you want but seeing you is an important part of the connection/healing. ~Earbuds/headphones, or a good speaker helps add to the experience. The music is a second facilitator. ~Do not begin on a full stomach. You can bring a water bottle, and eat as much as you want AFTER the session. ~This type of breathwork is challenging to the body, in a good way. It is much like a workout, but not for certain individuals with specific health concerns like heart disease or seizure disorders. Please read the health waiver at the following link, sign it, and email back to me if you have never done a breathwork session with me before.

Thank you and email me with any further questions. If you have RSVP'd me at my email and sent in the waiver/payment you are all set to meet me at the link. See you there!

$18 or Free if you've ever bought a Completion Process bundle from me